What’s our name about?
Well let me tell you MaiBi, pronounced MAYBE has a very special and significant meaning to me and it comes from two very precious people in my life whom were never given the privledge to meet one another. Though if they had met I know the two of them would have made memories and really enjoyed each others company. Their friendship would be larger than life…Just as these ladies were and are. The Mai is from Mae, but phonetically changed as well as the Bi as it is from Bea or Beatrice. My grandmother is Mae, whom i dearly miss and know that she guides me and the Beatrice is my amazing mother in law, whom blessed this world with her son for me to really and truly be reunited and him, fall in love with and marry. So there is where MaiBi comes from my grandmother and my mother in law.

About me:                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Now the unique products that are created for MaiBi are done so by myself, Lisa Deere, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Dancer, Choreographer, Group Fitness Instructor but most importantly mom to two of the most amazing young men and wife to Samuel Deere, my forever soulmate. My mother is more than just a fan of my candles and creations, she is my creative fuel and my spark when I loose my train of thought. My family, including my brother have been more that supportive of me and are my inspiration. The whole clan…I love them and thank them for believing in me.

ON TO THE PRODUCT….                                                                                                                                                                                                   I love making creations and designs and putting things into motion and causing a little commotion. I researched for over a year just to find that perfect combination of wax for candles and one for Maibi Melts (our wax tarts) and the variations of these melts. We offer bath and body products which are made with the finest grade ingredients and trust me when I tell you that love and heart n soul went into the every thought regarding the creativity and creation of your creation. I take great pride in what I do and I know that it is a reflection upon the two leading ladies that this company’s foundation is built on. I would never want to let anything less than amazing to represent what and who we are and what our standards are. Please know that I value you as a customer and thank you for visiting our site and making a purchase, heck even if you don’t buy I hope you had fun on the website because I know you will be back and when you do come back or reorder please remember your product was made out of love and the gift of love from those who have made Maibi Creations what it is and then you become part of the family and help us grow.

Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Again, thank you for choosing Maibi Creations and stopping by. Be sure to like us on Facebook and as always in the comment sections submit your likes, dislikes , etc. We want to hear from you and please write and blog what ever it is you would like to discuss.

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